Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Planning Mass Cooking and Centralizing Kitchen Product for Dietetics Patient
Mass cooking is a must to all hospitals that has a number of patients exceed more than 600 bedding at once. It is where this system must be implemented to avoid jam and cut-off time to serve the patient according to their daily practice. Without this particular system, the massive operation problem will occur if somebody or subordinates has fail to turn-up at the particular time needed as to prepare some cuisine according to the dietetics approached. Through the experience, most of the operation can be hay-wired, the other staff will get stress, exhausted, and more things will happen in controlling their attitude. At the end of the day, they tend to be conflict in the organization in which to soft this problem need more motivation and consultation.
Planning a mass cooking is not that hard as been translated. It is easier if every staff understand the flow and the sequence about the matters. In order to understand this method here is the diagram need to be applying before hand:
Any Perishable product that been delivery from supplier must be frozen and cleaned before accepting the goods. And product must be fill in a coloured container according to the good such as Meat (Red Container) Chicken (Yellow) Fish in blue. This method is to maintain the temperature to 5°C
After receive the goods, cut the good according to the size needed or as per cooking instruction, in this area, the working procedure must be timed and the temperature must not exceed 5°C as per goods and documented to avoid contamination.
Then wash and strained the cut product and store according to the coloured container.

Marinate the product or just live it like this and stack the product in the container with plastic layer as separator to avoid from joining when defrosting period.

Store the pre cooked product at -18°C, in a freezer for a period of time. By doing this process any kind of product life will be extended till years.

This process is where the product been cut according to the portion needed. Some product need to be defrost, and some product does not need to be defrost

Cooking or frying process for the frozen product need to be conducted in a pressure cooker in order to receive the freshness of the product. Some times when it used to stewing method this product does not need any pressuring method and all they need is low fire cooking.

All finished product must be served hot and fresh. This is where the nutrient in the product is still fresh to consume.

Through the process above, there are so many methods to maintain the freshness of each product. But in this session we are certainly focus on how mass cooking helps and prevent lateness in serving the patient.
In some form of transaction, there is a method on how to implement this process where the shortage of staffing that might stop some operation and become hay wire in the kitchen, here are some other method to avoid and solve some contradict upon the shortage of human capital in the organization.

This operational method is to simplify and resolve certain matters in order to control the quality and timing.
This operational matters also helps the organization to save some budget in recruiting experience workers as every of this process has already been materialize.
The design shown is according to General Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP requirement as they are been practice before in other country.
With some other element been placed, this design has been comply to the standard requirement from the above bodies to accredit ate and certify.
To centralizing a kitchen, there are certain element that applies within the requirement above, if the kitchen been practice as per above mentioned, therefore the production capacity or an output for each kitchen can supply up to 6-7 300 bedding hospital at one time.
By doing this method, the staff can easy relaxed for certain period and could be less pressure on a working system environment.

Sometimes we could wonder on how those people out there could manage a number of restaurant or a number of catering that make them so successful. In order to be the best we should find some solution to it and make a good practice where less pressure can help any organization to run better.

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