Sunday, August 15, 2010

any body want to reduce weight.....

in the number of years, there are people looking for solution on how to reduce weight...not many found the answer..well thats what they are looking for..and yet so many tips and advised been given by so many people.
and some of the tips works but some are not....usually things may happen to any one by coincidence but some may find trouble to it, perhaps there are so many solution in being healthy.

for some reasons why i have to tell you this, because some medical or consultation need for a practitioner advised. testimony sometimes does not help, and some times might create other problem. here are the circumstances that a case study been made. a lady by the age of 40 who took supplement for her healthiness years ago complaining that she had a sickness in her chest. she went to a doctor and confirm that there are a symptom that her body just created a lump and it look like a minor cancer. when she got up-set, she took supplement pill without any consultation by any of her doctors, and yet after 6 month the lump getting worst. so she met some other friends and all of them recommend her a number of supplement to make her feel comfort. after a year goes by, she been admitted to a hospital for a surgery.

when the doctor call me just to know about what food that contain a the highest vitamin A,K and E, and my answer is there no such things a fruit or a food contain that much in one portion of meal taken. when i talk to the doctor personally, the only food that contain such number is only came from a supplement...i'm not sure but please check with the patient for the confirmation..and yet the doctor consult the patient and the answer is yes, she has been taken the vitamin every day and for number of years. after the operation, she came to me to seek for a consultation. i told her to look for a doctor and check the BMI and the need of vitamin for her body, and she came back and told me that the doctor advised. after a years been treat as per doctors consultation, i advised her to take supplement on consult basis and not to take as per been told by the salesperson.she currently reduce her sickness and back to basic item needed in her body.

well, if you want to reduce your weight, you may take some supplement, but not over dose. the trick is check your body and ask for doctors consultation before you start your dietary...some times we may fat because of too much water, or too much air, or genetically. if your body contain too much water within 60 to 100kg for women and 70 to 140 kg for mens with a height of 5 feet 8 inches and below, burn your water-fat by sauna and skip carbo such as rice or potato, if you craving to eat just took a little bit such as 100g per meal once a week. all you need is protein and other vitamin on food. for a dietary discipline, eat citrus before you attempt your meals every time. then after you burns up the fats in sauna, do not jog and jump, just stretch and make a half an hour treadmill, you'll sweat and make sure you only drink a warm water when ever you need. then you took some supplement for a quicker process. if your body reduce stop taking the supplement, and go for more fiber food such as vegetable and fruits.

for too much air, make your self free to massage your whole body, don't ever skip or take your meal late. cause this habit will make your body gain too much air again. control your meals and go for more soupy food and exercise your body with a treadmill for an hour. if you think that your body is heavier than ever just follow the above advise and check your doctor on the BMI and numbers of vitamins needed to your body.

for genetics, just control your meals and consult your doctor or a dietitian pertaining your BMI and supplement needed. a natural food source is the best solution in getting a good health. a food is good, the thing that made food bad is human discipline, by consume too many or too much by not taking any facts including local weather and atmosphere, this will cause each one of us a problem. some food been create to some whether but not all the food consider the same. we have to know what we eat, check before we deal with it. because life refer to our disciplinary activities.