Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tips on how to bake cake nicely

some people do know how to bake....just the matter of knowledge with multi unofficial comment on how to bake....yet so many of them condemning about the recipes that make them failed in baking things. so cut the craps off...there nothing wrong with your recipes, here are the technique that will simplify your method in baking.

no. 1 there are types of baking oven in the market. each of these oven has an individual specification. one of the specification is mend only for industrial which is baking at 300 degree celcius. another specification is mend only for restaurant and small shop dealing with pastry goods and bakery which is set for a middle temperature at 200 degree celcius. and the other types of specification is only mend for house hold used which the temperature is only at 190 degree celcius.

no.2 whenever you use the above oven make sure you set the timing accordingly to the specification, sort of for industrial oven the baking time and temperature for cake is 180 degree celcius and all you need is just 45 minute to bake a cake (as per shown in the recipe) when you are using this oven, you may open to have a peep on the condition of your cake and it won't effect any baking transformation while opening the oven door.

if you are using the restaurant and small shop type of oven, the baking time and temperature for cake is 180 degree celcius and all you need is 55 minute to 1 hour stand by time to bake a cake, due to the smaller type of version of oven. in this case you cannot open the door until the cake really bake...if you wanna check the consistency of the cake, just shake the oven a little bit and you may see the physical visibility of the cake, if the cake is still dancing it shows that the mixture are still raw and need to be cook for an extra time. if the cake is firmly look by it physicality it is shows that the cake is already cooked and ready to be serve.

no.3 do not open any of the door while baking period is still on. only the industrial oven could do so but not restaurant and household oven. cos these oven are very sensitive, once open the temperature could drop till 80 degree celcius, it means the baking temperature could not support the baking process and could take a little bit longer time to proofing the temperature back to its normal temperature, what happen then, the physical of the cake will look soggy......