Friday, July 31, 2009

hello there, welcome to my blog..
thanks for joining in and i appreciate your contribution too..for your information this is just a beginning...there are so much more to be added just the matter of time....

designing, fabricating and modification food is my specialities, and if you had any difficulties in handling the return product and nearly expiries, do foward your self and trash any problem where we could discuss and reformated as it could save your pennies rather drifting out as a loss.

as an entrepreuneur, costing is the critical factors that will make you fear, well as for your acknowledgement the cost actually paid for the experience as you will never received it from anywhere....there fore in order to loss in getting knowledge its been advised to communicate among others to review the situation before its to late.....well it is not a reminder but is a must to be in every entrepreneur mind..and if you want to get richer there's only 2 thing to be is (sedekah) where it will vanish and secure any trouble that indicates which will harmed your family and your other words is protection..another one is (zakat) that served the purpose to every entreprenuer in cleaning their nature of business from the bad transactions..if you feel that its hard to move or to accellerate your business...just do as what i did...and you will see the up coming business is more healthier...
and thats all from me now ..

happy bogging.


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